2021 Youth Recognitions

On November 15, 2021, TM youth, their families and their mentors came together to celebrate the 1,300 people youth helped throughout the year. Youth were recognized for their contributions to their community of East Palo Alto.

Page Sections:

  • Photos and Videos of Guests

  • Opening Remarks from Founder CEO Paul Thiebaut III

  • What TM Youth said makes TM Different

  • Quotes from the Evening

  • TM Youth Partners

Quote of the Night

"It is an inspiration to see an 8 year old boy take something deep inside his heart, something that really motivated him and do something for other people that benefited the whole community. To see him give from the heart. To see him put together a whole program and work so hard was an amazing experience for me. That’s why I’m so invested in Thiebaut Method."

-Jeff Liu, EPA Police Commander

What TM Youth say makes Thiebaut Method different from other programs

Photos & Videos of the Guests

TM youth Isaac and his mentor EPA Police Commander Jeff Liu

TM youth Jeffren (his mentor was Stanford Women's Soccer Coach Margueritte S. Aozasa)

TM youth Diego and his mentor San Mateo County Co-Commissioner of Juvenile Justice Diversion Program Melissa Wilson

TM youth Citlaly (her mentors were Chief Program Officer of Destination: Home Chad Bojorquez and EPA City Council Member Lisa Gauthier)

Sheri Sobrato Brisson speaking with TM youth Issac

New TM employee Ulises Cisneros introducing himself

TM youth and her mentors Dr. Barbara Stroud and Kassandra Rodriguez Plambeck

TM youth, their families, their mentors, and TM staff

New TM employee Kassandra Rodriguez Plambeck introducing herself

TM youth Nathaly and her mentors Maria Lopez Alcantar and Fernando Vera

TM Youth Says TM teaches kids what to be when they grow up

Dr. Barbara Stroud

Co-Commissioner Juvenile Justice Prevention Program Melissa Wilson

Opening Remarks from Founder CEO Paul Thiebaut III

This year, Thiebaut Method youth helped 1,300 people through the social good project (SGP) program. Youth in grades 4-8 went out into their community of East Palo Alto and on average helped more than 100 people each. They partnered with more than 150 people and organizations and helped others in the following areas:

  1. Skateboarding

  2. Football

  3. Soccer

  4. Archery

  5. Community relations with the police

  6. Hunger

  7. Homelessness

  8. Art

  9. Environment

  10. Animal rescue

  11. Hospitalized children

  12. Preschoolers

  13. Engineering

  14. Video game design

  15. Digital literacy

  16. Community beautification through painting fences and murals

  17. Business websites for parents

  18. Social emotional support

TM youth didn’t work alone, though. They were guided by myself and our executive director Mariamne Caballero Borden in designing and working on their social good projects every week. They worked with mentors who taught them technical skills related to the needs they addressed and provided career inspiration. They asked people and businesses for donations to acquire the materials needed to help others. They created presentations and marketing materials to communicate how they were helping others.

Our youth had more help still. Their parents, often behind the scenes, brought their children to TM’s pink house every week, brought them to businesses to ask for donations, and supported them at their events. Our youth had a family who supported them in helping others.

That’s why we are here tonight. To celebrate the hard work TM youth and their supporters did to help 1,300 people this year. That’s why this is a pizza party! Our youth love pizza, so our youth get pizza!

I am also honored to introduce our newest employees, Ulises Cisneros and Kassandra Rodriguez Plambeck. They joined our team to help Thiebaut Method increase its impact next year. Our goal is to empower 500 youth in East Palo Alto to help 5,000 people in 2022! With our new team members, I won’t be surprised if TM youth help 10,000 people next year!

After Ulises and Kassandra introduce themselves, we are going to hear from the one and only: TM youth! They will tell us who they helped this year and what they think is special about being a TM youth.

Finally, I want to thank the Pacific Art League for letting us use their beautiful art gallery to have our pizza party and our board of directors for donating the pizzas and drinks. Thank you everyone for coming tonight and I can’t wait to break pizza with you!

What TM Youth said makes TM Different

"Thiebaut Method lets me pursue my dreams. " -4th grader Jeffren

"Thiebaut Method helps kids figure out what they want to be when they grow up." -5th grader Citlaly

"Thiebaut Method let's us choose what to do and who to help." -7th grader Nathaly

"Thiebaut Method let's us do what we love." -6th grader Leo

"Thiebaut Method let's us choose who to help based on our intrinsic motivations." -8th grader Kevin

Quotes from the Evening

"It is an inspiration to see an 8 year old boy take something deep inside his heart, something that really motivated him and do something for other people that benefited the whole community. To see him give from the heart. To see him put together a whole program and work so hard was an amazing experience for me. That’s why I’m so invested in Thiebaut Method." -Jeff Liu, EPA Police Commander

"My husband and I were very excited to see how she has become a leader with the help of Thiebaut Method. We are really proud of her and grateful to Thiebaut Method." - Margarita Vera (Dana's mom)

TM Youth Partners


Karely Nunez

Carol Thomsen

Tom Chapman

Margaux Gray

Sheri Brisson Sobrato

Nakia Davis

Guadalupe Lara

Jack Feldman

Cheenie Duram

Zulma Burgos-Arce

Jeff Austin

Tyler Barker

Cristian Webb

Kairee Robinson

Eren Garcia

Corrine Fauss & Angel

June Afshar

Anna Chow

Brittany Blasing

Ana Villanueva

Jonathan Thomas

Azalea Wakelee

Allan Baez Morales

Genevieve Johnson

Dylan DeHart

Doug Key

Konstantin Kaganovich

Maria Lopez


Melissa Wilson

Christian Sbragia

Serge L

Louise Pencavel


Vida Amanat

Summerlynn Burlew

Derrick Kikuchi

Craig Wiesner

Greg Corsetto


Sheri Sobrato Brisson

The Willows Soccer


Elizabeth Vargas

Alexis Crews-Holloway

Chad Bojorquez

Heather Furuta

Thandiwe Jennifer Lyons

Balondemu Jules Lyons

Jared Muela

Ben Thienes

Fernando Chulin

Scape (Edward) Martinez

Kassandra Rodriguez Plambeck

Dr. Barbara Stroud

Evelyn Keomian

Esmeralda Perez

Rosa Alcazar

Jonathan Thomas

Jesus "Chuy" Sanchez

Margueritte Aozasa

Paul Thiebaut II

Arnie Mendoza

Julian DeJesus

Tomo Jozinovic

Georges Freer

Finnian Lewis

Tucker Wolf

Jackson Williams

Diego Perez

Loree Watanabe

Ryan Dillard

Tucker Baksa

Andrew Jenkins

Viliami Fehoko

Cade Hall

Tysyn Parker

Steven Houston

David Rages II


Jesusita Rivera

Tiffany Belzer

Jeff Liu

Ylka Reiss

Justin Prettyman

Kenia Najar

Aly Gould

Donny Foley

Kyle Douglas

Alondra Aquino

Robert Olvera

Eren Garcia

Bailey Linden

Sarah Portnov

Jeff Escobar

Jose Ledezma

Lisa Gauthier

Jed Mettee

Audie Amirkiai

Paul Gaines

David Bauer

Marsa Hollander

Antonio Lopez


Steve Eliopoulos


Ryen Motzek

Michelle Williams


PG “Woody” Woods


Society skate shop

Skateworks skate shop

Atlas skate shop

Skate Like A Girl

Girls Skate Network

Boards for Bros


All Five Preschool

Art in Action

Stanford Children's Hospital

Feldman's bookstore

Books Inc.

Ecumenical Hunger Program

Mid Peninsula Mastodons

SJSU Spartans


Draegeres Store

College Track

Cheeky Monkey

Peace of Mind Structural Inc.

Santa Clara University, School of Engineering


ID Tech

The Wooden Horse


MidPen Media Center

Archery Only

Reach & Teach

Lego Robotics Lead Instructor

Brick Recycler

Willows Soccer

Pro Soccer

Downtown Streets Team

Destination: Home

The Bill Wilson Center

Onyx Village Connection

Stanford Painting

Pacific Art League

Karat School Project

Paul's dad (photographer)

EPA United

Canada College

Esmeralda Perez's brother

YMCA of East Palo Alto

49ers Community Foundation

SJSU Football Athletics Division

Stanford University

EPA Police Department


SJ Earthquakes

Project WeHope

Bruce Bauer Lumber

Pets In Need

EPA City Council

The Primary School

East Palo Alto Charter