Building Community Service Leaders

In 2021, our youth designed and led community service projects that helped more than 1,300 people in 18 social need areas. They partnered with more 150 people who collectively volunteered more than 1,000 hours.

Featured Community Service Leader

4th Grader Citlaly Serves the Unhoused

Citlaly helped nearly 500 unhoused people in 2021. Her work with donors, volunteers, mentors, nonprofit executives, city council members, and business owners helped Citlaly discover a career aspiration. According to Citlaly, "I want to open up a nonprofit almost like People Helping The Homeless. I want to be able to make an apartment place where homeless people can stay over the night while we help them find permanent housing.”


Citlaly and other youth do their community service through the Social Good Project program, a community service program created and run by the 501(c)3 nonprofit Thiebaut (tebow) Method.

The Social Good Project program empowers underserved youth in grades 4-8 living in East Palo Alto, CA to create community service projects based on issues they personally care about.

What Leaders Are Saying About Us

"Teaching underserved youth how to help others in need is teaching him/her how to change a community. You are teaching that young person how to be a leader in the community by showing people how to take care of each other. This can be contagious which could lead to an “underserved “ community banding together to lift each other up."

-Jeff Liu, Acting Police Chief of East Palo Alto Police

"I believe Thiebaut Method youths' social good projects transform not only youth, but impels families and the larger community towards social action. The youth models engagement, caring for others, self-efficacy through action, determination, skill development, and the joy of giving. Families and community members practice social good by supporting the youth and this practice may motivate their own social good efforts going forward. The youth has involved them, inspired them, and taught them how."

-Melissa Wilson, Commissioner of San Mateo County Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commission

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Our youth create very unique community service projects that address a range of social issues.

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Community Service News

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Our youth work with hundreds of people to achieve their goals to help others.

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