Due Diligence

ABOUT THIS PAGE: This page provides financial and legal information regarding Thiebaut Method's nonprofit status. Please email us with any additional information you would like to request. info@thiebautmethod.org

Governmental Verification of Thiebaut Method as Nonprofit Organization

Annual Information Returns

2020 990

For earlier years, consult CA Attorney General Registry Search above

Charity Certification Sites

GuideStar Status

Charity Navigator Status (Next automatic update - March 2022)*

*Note About Thiebaut Method's rating on Charity Navigator

Thiebaut Method currently has a low rating with Charity Navigator. According to Charity Navigator, "we have a quarterly update process for our Encompass rating system. We are not able to make manual updates for charities based on requests. The next update will be in March 2022."

Until Charity Navigator updates its records, Thiebaut Method's score cannot be changed. However, Thiebaut Method has a gold rating with GuideStar, now Candid, a leading and trusted nonprofit verification entity. Both entities use the same legal documents to perform ratings on nonprofits.

Thiebaut Method's low score is the result of its 2020 990 not being updated by Charity Navigator. Once it is, Thiebaut Method's "Finance & Accountability" rating will increase. This will dramatically increase Thiebaut Method's overall rating.

Please reach out to us if you still have questions. Thank you.