Help Us Grow!

Support Social Good Projects!

We are a small team with an unbound spirit and energy but with limited resources. With your help, we can ensure our youth continue to help others and develop foundational skills that will benefit them a lifetime.

There are many ways that you can help us.

  1. $25-500 donations help youth purchase the materials they need to complete their SGPs. (see more below)

  2. $1000+ donations provide program resources needed by our staff to ensure our youth can do their SGPs. (see more below)

  3. To make a grant, become a community or corporate sponsor, please email Founder CEO Paul Thiebaut III to discuss your support:

  4. Volunteer your time and expertise for SGPs or even other needs we have (e.g. building engagement on social media, photography and videography, event volunteering, etc.). Shoot us an email to get involved:

  5. Use your leverage or celebrity to shine a light on SGPs. Shoot us an email to use your leverage for social good:

  6. Share our youths' SGPs on your social media.

  7. Invite our youth to give a talk related to their social good project.

  8. Feature our youth in your personal or organization newsletter.


How your donation supports Thiebaut Method:

$50 | Helping Assessment - assess who youth are intrinsically motivated to help.

$100 | Helping Assistance - work with youth when they drop in our Helping Hub.

$250 | Day Of Service - connect youth to days of service that intrinsically motivate them.

$500 | Volunteer - connect youth to volunteering opportunities that intrinsically motivate them.

$1000 | Community Leader Level 1 - design and lead one social good project.

(empowers one youth to help approximately 50 people)

$2500 | Community Leader Level 2 - design and lead two social good projects.

(empowers one youth to help approximately 100 people)

$5000 | Community Leader Level 3 - design and lead social good projects for one year.

(empowers one youth to help approximately 150 people)

$1-$$ | Other - Support our Holiday Fundraiser at any level of your choosing. Donations of any amount make an impact.

To discuss your donations or any other way that you can help us grow, contact our

Founder, Paul Thiebaut III

For fundraising questions contact our Community Affairs Manager, Kassandra Rodriguez Plambeck