Support Youth Doing Community Service


How your donation supports Thiebaut Method:

$50 | Helping Assessment - assess who youth are intrinsically motivated to help.

$100 | Helping Assistance - work with youth when they drop in our Helping Hub.

$250 | Day Of Service - connect youth to days of service that intrinsically motivate them.

$500 | Volunteer - connect youth to volunteering opportunities that intrinsically motivate them.

$1000 | Community Leader Level 1 - design and lead one social good project.

(empowers one youth to help approximately 50 people)

$2500 | Community Leader Level 2 - design and lead two social good projects.

(empowers one youth to help approximately 100 people)

$5000 | Community Leader Level 3 - design and lead social good projects for one year.

(empowers one youth to help approximately 150 people)

$1-$$ | Other - Support our Holiday Fundraiser at any level of your choosing. Donations of any amount make an impact.


  • Make a one-time donation or recurring donation here.

  • Connect with your company to match your donation.

  • Create a team fundraiser page by clicking become a fundraiser here (team).

  • Create an individual fundraiser page by clicking become a fundraiser here (individual).

  • Get the word out by using the promotional materials and email templates we created for you here.

  • Become a sponsor to a Thiebaut Method youth.

We are working hard to create multiple ways to support our youth. Thank you for your contribution!

Please contact us at to learn more.