Thiebaut (tebow) Method is an East Palo Alto-based nonprofit founded in 2009 that teaches underserved youth in grades 4-8 how to help others in their community. By helping others, youth develop leadership, career, moral, academic, and other life skills. Unique to TM, youth help through Social Good Projects (SGPs), which empower them to become community service leaders by designing and leading service projects based on issues they personally care about.


For the past 15 years, Thiebaut Method founder, Paul Thiebaut III, has developed intrinsic motivation-based curriculum to cultivate children's self-oriented and other-oriented intrinsic motivations. His curriculum has been implemented with more than 1,000 children through Thiebaut (tebow) Method (TM), the nonprofit he founded in 2009 in his East Palo Alto apartment, a high poverty city in Silicon Valley. Today, TM implements Paul's most recent curriculum, called Social Good Projects, with underserved youth in grades 4-8.

WHAT is an SGP

SGPs are a curriculum created by Thiebaut Method Founder & CEO, Paul Thiebaut III. SGPs empower underserved youth in grades 4-8 to utilize their intrinsic motivations to design and lead projects that benefit others in their community. Youth research the issue they address, design promotional materials, recruit donors and partners, collaborate with professional mentors, recruit beneficiaries, and organize and host events. SGPs teach underserved youth to be designers and providers of social services instead of receivers and empower them to become community service leaders.

MISSION & Vision

TM’s mission is to develop underserved youth into community service leaders who make their communities more vibrant places to live.

TM’s vision is to tap into the youth of underserved communities to build the next generation of social sector leaders and innovators.


  1. Intrinsic Motivation- Teach children what they are intrinsically motivated to learn.

  2. Help Others - Guide children to help others who they are intrinsically motivated to help.

  3. Real World Experience - Connect learning and helping goals to real world experience.

  4. Growth - Make growth the goal for what children can achieve.

  5. Intrinsic Personality - Encourage children to be themselves.


We are a small team with an unbound spirit and energy. Click here to know more about us.


We serve at-risk and low-income youth in grades 4-8 who live in East Palo Alto, CA and East Menlo Park. Our city is home to one of the lowest academically performing and highest poverty school districts in CA, Ravenswood City School District. Our youth are 100% low-income minorities.

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2021 - Since launch of SGP Program




A Special Visit

After sending a letter of recognition, US Congresswoman Speier visited TM youth at the TM center

City Council Presentation

EPA City Council invited 4th grader Citlaly to present her SGP



Our Founder is 2018 Local Hero

After overcoming poverty through developing a love of learning, building his own tutoring business, then starting an education nonprofit to help kids in low-income communities succeed, Paul Thiebaut III was recognized by the Midpen Media Center as a 2018 Local Hero.