Paul's IM: Human Potential

Paul Thiebaut III, Founder CEO

I have devoted nearly 15 years developing curriculum and programs for children prek-12. Always with the aim of cultivating intrinsic motivation (IM). The SGP program is the best I've been able to do at designing an intrinsic motivation curriculum that simultaneously helps others while teaching those doing the helping leadership, career, moral, academic, and other life skills. One day I hope to found the first intrinsic motivation school. A Thiebaut Method school, I believe, will exponentially increase the number of children who grow up to be moral exemplars, technology and business innovators, breakthrough scientists, and leaders and innovators across all walks of life. I believe this because I turned my life around by developing my IMs, I've developed IM curriculum that has empowered hundreds of children to defy expectations by tapping into their IMs, and through extensive research I've found that the number one characteristic of people who make things better in the world is IM. IM is a super human power yet to be widely recognized in the nonprofit sector, education, parenting, psychology, and the workplace. I hope to change that over the course of my life. It's my IM. Please email me if you would like to learn more about Thiebaut Method and how we can collaborate.

Mariamne's IM: Animals

​Mariamne Caballero Borden, Executive Director

Mariamne has worked in the field of social services and education for the past nine years. She recently worked as a Family Advocate for Head Start for nearly four years. Her past responsibilities included qualifying and enrolling families, maintaining health records, and teaching families how to advocate for their children’s education. Mariamne graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Psychology and Social Work. She grew up in a diverse community of low economic status. Mariamne is the first generation in terms of American citizenship and college education and was raised by her mother who immigrated from Panama with little means. Coming from a single-parent family, she knows the struggles of not having the financial support needed to overcome the cycle of poverty. Her motivation is that all children from disadvantaged communities have the opportunities to become self-sufficient and successful without having to experience the same hardships that she went through to get to where she is today.

Ulises' IM: Marketing

Ulises Cisneros, Communications Manager

Ulises Cisneros is a first-generation Chicano/Latino born in Aguililla, Michoacan and raised between East Palo Alto and Redwood City. He graduated from the University of San Francisco in 2021 with a Bachelors in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing and a minor in Advertising. Ulises has worked in the non-profit sector where he gained experience working with youth as well as assisting with marketing and strategy processes through local organizations like 1EPA and StreetCode.

In 2020 Ulises Co-Founded a Studio Siete Marketing Consultancy where he worked with a variety of clients including local government and for-profit organizations. His concentration revolves around branding, social media marketing, marketing research, and account management. Aside from this, Ulises is intrinsically motivated about learning East Palo Alto history, and discussing advertising campaigns! In his free time he enjoys playing soccer and exploring new restaurants.

Kassandra's IM: Community Wellness

Kassandra Rodriguez Plambeck, Community Affairs Manager

Kassandra Rodriguez Plambeck (she/her) was born and raised on Ramaytush Ohlone land (Pacifica, CA) and is currently still residing in the Bay Area. She is of mixed heritage: on her maternal side, her mother migrated to the US from El Salvador and is of Central American and Black descent, while her paternal side is of European descent. Kassandra graduated from San Francisco State University with her B.A. degree in Sociology.

Before joining Thiebaut Method, Kassandra worked as the Community Outreach Program Manager at Pacific Art League where she focused on bringing art expression, appreciation and enjoyment to her community. PAL has a partnership with the Bill Wilson Center, a nonprofit working to end youth and family homelessness, where she taught Expressive Arts Classes to at-risk youth and young adults ages 13-25 in Santa Clara County. She has worked as a Skills Trainer at Albertina Kerr in Portland, Oregon, empowering youth living with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges to gain the skills to support them to live life to their fullest potential. She has a passion for mental health, social justice, holistic healing and building connections within her community through outreach and advocacy. She does this work to build a more equitable future for youth in underserved communities.

Theron's IM: Computer Science

Theron Mansilla, IT Specialist

Theron is currently a sophomore at Swarthmore College studying Computer Science and Mathematics. Originally from Stockton, a city recognized statewide for its lack of economic opportunities, Theron constantly struggled in high school to find opportunities to explore his interest in computers. It was at Swarthmore that Theron was fortunate enough to find himself overwhelmed with opportunities tailored towards his interest in computers. Theron describes himself as privileged to be able to have a sense of direction in his life and wishes to give all underserved students from similar backgrounds the opportunity to discover their purpose. As a first-generation college student, Theron is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to Thiebaut Method.