TM Youth

ABOUT TM YOUTH: TM youth are enrolled in the Social Good Project (SGP) program. Youth are from East Palo Alto and in grades 4-8. They take leadership on issues they care about and learn to work with mentors, donors, volunteers, and other people, organizations, and businesses in order to help others.

What youth say makes TM different from other programs


Leadership Area: Homelessness

About Citlaly: 5th grader Citlaly went out into her community to pass out 100 hygiene kits that benefited 150 people in need. With support from mentors, she has learned how to approach the unhoused with dignity and respect. Citlaly now wants to start a nonprofit when she grows up.

Achievements: See her website.


Leadership Area: Art & Social Emotional Development

About Selene: 5th grader Dana started her developing community leadership skills by organizing a park clean up. That experience increased her confidence in herself and her art. That's why she taught an art class to kids from her community to help them build confidence in their art.

Achievements: See her class.


Leadership Area: STEM

About Leo: 7th grader Leo started out hesitant to help others. By teaching two classes about video game design, one of his top passions, Leo realized he enjoys helping kids learn about computer technology.

Achievements: See his class.


Leadership Area: Hunger

About Selene: 5th grader Selene has a heart for helping the hungry. Selene took the initiative to create a food giveaway. She and her mentors collected, assembled and gave away more than 50 meals on September 11, 2021.

Achievements: See her giveaway.


Leadership Area: STEM

About Selene: 8th grader Kevin wants kids in his community to have access to STEM. He is devoted to creating classes and programs that draw on educational innovations in others communities that can be implemented in East Palo Alto.

Achievements: See his class.


Leadership Area: Soccer

About Selene: 4th grader Jeffren loves to play soccer. He also loves to teach kids how to play and make sure teams in his community have access to soccer gear they can't always afford.

Achievements: See his class.


Leadership Area: Community Relations

About Selene: 4th grader Isaac wants to be a police when he grows up. To learn more about what they do, he organized a Q&A with his local police department. Nearly 70 students watched the interview and asked questions at the end. Isaac has also organized a football clinic and is organizing an archery class.

Achievements: See his Q&A.


Leadership Area: Community Building

About Selene: 7th grader Nathaly started helping others by painting the fence of a local business owner to beautify the business front. Nathaly is currently creating a mural to put up at a school to inspire younger peers

Achievements: Developed skills of painting and mural design.


Leadership Area: Economic Access

About Selene: 8th grader Cinthya loves skateboarding and wanted to make sure other kids in her community could too. She collected and gave away nearly 70 skateboards.

Achievements: Received letter of recognition from Rep. Speier.