What do you think about when you hear someone say "community service"? If you're like most people, you think of a high schooler doing community service to satisfy their credit requirements.

At the nonprofit, Thiebaut (tebow) Method (TM), we are rethinking community service in a big way. First by rethinking the motivation for doing community service and second by rethinking who is doing community service.

Motivation for community service should be intrinsic, not extrinsic. In other words, instead of doing service to earn school credits, service needs to come from the heart. Community service should prioritize the genuine motivation to help others.

Who does community service shouldn't be limited to high schoolers or more advantaged populations. It can start in 4th grade and be done by underserved youth. Almost no programs exist in underserved communities, especially for 4-8 graders.

The result of #RETHINKCOMMUNITYSERVICE is youth in the hood doing social good from the heart. The impact of #RCS is a paradigm switch from nonprofit programs being designed for BIPOC communities to a new paradigm of programs being designed by BIPOC communities.

#RETHINKCOMMUNITYSERVICE is a new a tool for empowering underserved youth to become community leaders and future social sector leaders.

Meet Our Youth Leaders


Leadership Area: Homelessness

About Citlaly: 5th grader Citlaly went out into her community to pass out 100 hygiene kits that benefited 150 people in need. With support from mentors, she has learned how to approach the unhoused with dignity and respect. Citlaly now wants to start a nonprofit when she grows up.

Active Service Project: Train 6 peers how to address homeless


Leadership Area: STEM access

About Leo: 7th grader Leo started out hesitant to help others. By teaching two classes about video game design, one of his top passions, Leo realized he enjoys helping kids learn about computer technology.

Active Service Project: Teach digital literacy to an after-school class.


Leadership Area: Hunger

About Selene: 5th grader Selene has a heart for helping the hungry. Selene took the initiative to create a food giveaway. She and her mentors collected and then assembled and gave away more than 50 meals on September 11, 2021.

Active Service Project: Selene is brainstorming how to empower hungry people help hungry people.

Citlaly's Hygiene Kit Drive

Citlaly needs to collect 300 hygiene kits to train her peers how to address homelessness.

Watch Youth Leaders In Action

Support Our Youth Leaders

We rely on donations from individuals, foundations, local businesses, corporations and more to offer our Social Good Project (SGP) program to youth.

Please consider helping our youth do social good by donating resources, sponsoring a youth, or making a gift to support our staff in working with youth every week.

If you would like to learn more please email us socialgood@thiebautmethod.org.

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Become a Mentor or Volunteer

Youth work with mentors and volunteers to achieve their social good projects (SGP).

Mentors are experts in the areas that relate to the SGP so that youth can develop valuable career skills and aspirations in the process of helping others.

Volunteers work with youth on a weekly basis on other aspects of their projects, such as making donation calls and flyers.

Please email us to learn about being a mentor or volunteer. socialgood@thiebautmethod.org.

A Special Visitor

Congresswoman Speier visit our TM youth and offered to mentor them! Read her letter of recognition